Mar 9, 2017

BMW has updated the fourth series coupe

Bavarian concern completely declassified the details of restyling its two-door coupe several months ago, but now it's time for a "live" premiere.

Perhaps the main change in appearance is the new head optics, which is now based on LED technology. LED lights already in the "base" are now also fog lamps, and for a surcharge BMW 4 series can be equipped with adaptive optics. By the way, LEDs are now registered in the rear lights, and their pattern compared to the lanterns of the pre-style 4-series significantly changed.

In parallel, the family of the 4 series slightly changed the bumper design, added some trifles in the bodywork, built several new sets of wheel rims and two exclusive body colors - Sunset Orange and Snapper Rock Blue. In the interior there were new schemes of interior trim with chrome or black overlays, three new versions of armchairs and the like.

For the multimedia system of the coupe "painted" a new interface, all available versions of the suspension adjusted to slightly more sportiness, but the engine scale of the coupe has not been subjected to any changes. However, it still has to change: in BMW they prepare for the premiere a "heated" modification of the BMW M4 CS. Meanwhile, dealers of the Bavarian concern opened orders for civil versions of the renovated coupe.