Mar 9, 2017

All details about the revived coupe Alpine became known

Lightweight sports coupe Alpine was presented officially before the "live" debut in Geneva, but some technical nuances developers reserved for the auto show. In Geneva, everything was decided: the French really created a sports car that could spoil the life of the Porsche Cayman.

The main feature of the Alpine A110 - lightness. The body is made of aluminum, the weight saving touched even the seats - they weigh only 13.1 kg. As a result, the total weight of the rear-wheel-drive coupe is only 1,080 kilograms. The car has a flat bottom, a diffuser is installed at the rear, which improves aerodynamics without having to spoil the appearance of an additional spoiler.

Under the hood, as predicted, installed a 1.8-liter turbo engine of the alliance Renault-Nissan, which specialists of the sport division Renault Sport have improved the intake, production and installed a new turbine. But its power will be less than expected: it produces not 300 hp, but 252 hp. At 320 Nm of torque. Nevertheless, given the small mass of the A110 is very fast: acceleration to a hundred takes only 4.5 seconds, and the maximum speed is limited at 250 km / h. The engine works in tandem with the seven-step robotic gearbox gear Getrag with two "wet" clutches.

The assembly of the revived sports coupe is organized in its historic homeland, in Dieppe, where the first Alpine models were once produced. Sales start in France with a special configuration First Edition. The starting circulation will make 1955 cars (1955 - year of start of the plant). The price at the start of sales will be 58,500 euros, while the entire circulation is already sold out on pre-orders. In addition to France, the sports coupe will be sold in 10 countries in Europe.