Aug 13, 2013

Toyota plans to build a sports car that will be cheaper than the GT 86

The Japanese manufacturer for about a year discussing with his Bavarian partner BMW certain joint development. It is assumed that it can become the successor to the famous Toyota Supra. However, the creation of yet another sports car, more affordable, the Japanese also need a partner.

The fact that Toyota may appear more affordable sports car than the GT 86, said the chief engineer of the project GT 86 Tetsuya Tada. According to him, as a result sports line of Toyota would consist of three models, in which the engineer intentions coincide with the desire of the CEO Akio Toyoda.

However, so far no final decision either on the most expensive, or on the most affordable of sports cars.

However, Tetsuya Tada said that the company is planning to develop a completely new rear-drive platform, which will be the basis for a budget model. However, to minimize the cost of its creation, Toyota is going to find some partner.

It should be noted that the positive experience of such cooperation Toyota already has: 86 GT coupe was developed in collaboration with Subaru and now marketed under three brands.

What kind of effort is going to take Toyota to make a future sports car as accessible as possible, a company spokesman did not elaborate. Tetsuya Tada limited to the statement that "the project GT 86 has taught Toyota".

Infiniti supercar will appear not earlier 2018

Infiniti intends to bring to market its own supercar not in 2016 as previously planned, but only by 2018. "Green light" for project has not yet given: the company's engineers have not yet decided on the principles of the layout of the future sports flagship.

While in the Infiniti there is no consensus on the question of principle - will be the next supercar front-engine, or will get a mid layout. In the first case, obviously, base for the novelty will be Nissan GT-R, in the second case, the engineers will have to design a completely new platform.

According to Autocar, in the development of of supercar possible will be take part specialists from the team of F1 Red Bull Racing, which is supported by a company Infiniti. Accordingly, it is likely that in the development the engine of supercar will be used racing technology. Autocar sources say that engineers plan to use some kind of hybrid power plant based on the petrol V6. Thus, the supercar can be equipped with the equivalent of a system KERS, which recovers braking energy.

Some idea about how might look like the future supercar Infiniti, can give concepts Emerg-E and Essence. It is interesting that Essence, presented in 2009, was equipped with petrol V6, developing 440 horsepower and 160-horsepower electric motor with a kinetic energy recovery system.

Aug 8, 2013

Tesla Model S received a four-wheel drive

The company Tesla plans to implement its models AWD system - its development is already underway. However, contrary to expectations, the first model to receive the drive to both axles, will not crossover Model X, and sedan Model S, and in the following year.

According to some reports, the all-wheel drive will be an option for the Model S, and offer it will be for the most equipped version of the model. Obviously, It means the version with the largest capacity battery - 85 kWh, the cost of such a sedan starts at $87400. How to increase the cost of Tesla Model S after the implantation of all-wheel drive still not yet specified. But some experts have suggested that the all-wheel drive sedan will be spending to accelerate to 100 km/h for about 4 seconds. This is 0.3-0.4 seconds faster than the version with the same power plant, but only one drive axle.

Interestingly, Tesla this information has not yet confirmed. However, some media have already announce that the emergence of all-wheel drive for the most expensive version of the Model S is intended to be a kind of test program. Later, Tesla plans to optionally equip the drive to both axles more affordable modifications of the electric car.

Purchase all-wheel drive Model S it will be possible the beginning of next year. Crossover Model X, which will appear later, also will be equipped with all-wheel drive as an option only.

BMW i8 will get a three-cylinder turbo engine

The Frankfurt Motor Show will become a place the premiere of two serial representatives of the Bavarian sub-brand i. However, if about compact hatchback BMW i3 is known to almost everyone, then gently reveal card over the hybrid sports car i8 manufacturer decided to just now.

In the BMW are proud that, despite the complexity of the layout of a sports car, they managed to achieve the ideal weight distribution between the axles in a 50:50 ratio. Weight BMW i8 is only 1,490 kg, with a length of almost 4.7 meters. This sports car has a very low center of gravity, and not too high - just 1,293 mm. Save a fair amount of kilograms allowed to extensive use of aluminum, carbon fiber and other ultra-light materials. The so-called "The module of life", the power cage of interior sports car, entirely made of carbon fiber - in the end it turned up to 50% lighter than its steel analogue and is 30% lighter than if it was made from aluminum. BMW engineers saved weight on everything - even the glasses are made from synthetic materials and so adapt the thickness of only 0.7 mm.

The main goal, which sought BMW to fight for kilograms - is the need to compensate for the weight of the power plant. It is, however, also turned out quite compact, because it consists of a petrol engine volume of 1.5 liters and a relatively small electric motors that rotate the front and rear axis respectively. The total power of the engines is 362 hp and 570 Nm of torque, which allows the BMW i8 to accelerate to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds. It is just 0.2 seconds slower than a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S, but the BMW i8 promises to be much more economical - its average fuel consumption is claimed at around 2.5 liters per 100 kilometers.

It is the most economical mode of the power plant - Eco Pro, which is limited to the supply of electricity to devices such as air conditioning and electrically adjustable mirrors, and gasoline engine and 6-speed automatic transmission more likely to use higher gears. In this mode the BMW i8 can pass on one tank filling up to 600 km. In Comfort mode driving range is reduced to 500 km. Apart from these, there are still mode Sport, in which all the controls sports car become more responsive, and the motor realizes all the energy maximum, which is capable of. Sports car can move only on electric, but not more than 35 km. To charge the battery sports car with a special 220-volt devices need only one and a half hours.

Missing details the manufacturer promises to announce during the September premiere in Frankfurt. In the BMW has not yet reported the exact timing of the sales i8, limited only by the announcement that it will happen next year.

Concept Opel Monza will show the world the future of the brand

Opel continues to escalate around the intrigue the upcoming premiere of its concept Monza. While the coupe conceptual is a way to show the evolution of another round of corporate design, but Opel does not refuse the possibility of producing a production version.

True, there are nothing concrete about the possible appearance of a sports coupe model range Opel. However, the fact that as the name concept was to use the name were already present in the model range of the brand says about the theoretical readiness Opel to expand model range.

According to some reports, the manufacturer is actually considering this possibility. Return the name Monza, under which the Germans produced a large coupe in the 80-ies of the last century, the company could be using the platform of convertible Cascada. In addition, Opel is now working to update its range of motor, and series coupe can get a number of completely new engines.

As for the concept Opel Monza, then the head of Opel, Karl-Thomas Neumann said that the prototype represents the future of the brand as a whole. A new style of design called the manufacturer "sculptural artistry with German precision". In addition, Opel does not miss an opportunity to recall that the German company was the first manufacturer in Europe, who built a concept car. It happened back in 1965.

The premiere of the newest concept of Opel will take place at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 12.

Aug 6, 2013

Porsche will join the family of 911 RS-version in a year

Porsche is preparing to present the most extreme version of its 911 sports car. The manufacturer has already officially renounced the use of a manual transmission on the coupe 911 GT3 RS, but probably develop a new power unit specifically for this modification.

Some time ago, the Porsche said they were not going to release the 911 GT3 RS with a manual transmission, as this would require too serious changes compared to the version equipped with the PDK. So sports car will hit the market in the a single variant. However, robotic box in the Porsche intend to reconfigure to provide a smooth gear changes. It should be noted that the 911 GT3 it takes not too much time - according to the manufacturer of less than 100 milliseconds.

Sports car also will provide electronically controlled rear differential and a stiffer suspension. As for the powertrain, reliable information not yet. According to one version, the 911 GT3 RS will equip the upgraded 3.8-liter boxer engine of the 911 GT3, on the other - a sports car gets a new 4-liter engine. In any case, engine power exceeds 500 horsepower.

According to information published in the "Automobile", RS version will be significantly wider than the original 911 GT3 and even get some body panels from the 911 Turbo. The new sports car will be have carbon roof. Argues that the use of ultra-light materials was laid in the development of a new generation of the 911, so that carbon top is not require major changes in the power structure of the body. 911 GT3 RS will also get an adjustable rear wing.

It is already known that in the sale of novelty must be received in the second half of 2014.

"Charged" Subaru BRZ STi could appear in the autumn

Subaru started teasing fans of coupe BRZ: Japanese firm have emerged online two teasers of the car with STi nameplates on the grille and side "gills". It speaks volumes that the company finally decided to release a more powerful car modification.

"Charged" version of the BRZ fans of fast coupe have been waiting for a long time and look. However, presenting teasers a future version of STi the Japanese still does not apply to the topic of technical details of novelty. One thing is clear: no turbo, and no AWD STi most likely not receive and for quite obvious reasons.

Sources in the company said that the use of turbocharging, engineers were forced to abandon by reason too compact engine compartment, which does not allow to place the intercooler. And the use of all-wheel drive would have led to the need for a fundamental redesign the car.

Thus, according to the head of department of marketing Subaru Atoshi Atake, engineers limited to more modest modifications. In particular, it mentions a new exhaust system, modified intake system and a number of other upgrades that result regimen adjusted will be raised above 7500 r/min. In this set of actions is planned to increase the capacity of the motor from the current 200 to about 230 hp. Also finalize the suspension and brakes. BRZ STi will receive a number of external differences that borrow from the prototype, which was introduced a year ago in Los Angeles. These include advanced aerodynamic elements and a large rear wing.

The debut of Subaru BRZ STi could be held in November this year at the Auto Show in Los Angeles. But the first country where it will be possible buy a novelty, will be Japan. In Europe and the United States coupe will arrive later.

The first running prototype of the Acura NSX is presented in the U.S.

As promised earlier, on August 4 brand Acura, owned by Honda, showed the public the first running prototype of the future supercar NSX. The premiere was held in the United States on a racing track in Lexington, Ohio, where the prototype is not stood modestly aside, and drove around the track in almost "battle" mode.

The debut of the prototype opened the next stage of the IndyCar Series, and not only thoroughly warmed up the crowd, but also, says the company, served as a kind of hint of a desire Honda to expose NSX, not only on public roads, but also on the racing tracks. On the sporting ambitions of the company hinting and coloring of the prototype, which, however, almost no hides the main thing - the overall design of the future supercar that in serial form is unlikely to change much.

Preparing to launch NSX in the series and test work is underway. In Ohio, for the production of the supercar has already built plant, which invested $ 70 million. Do not change until the release dates of the production version - it's still 2015. In the UK already open accepting applications for the right to be among the first customers. But while even the approximate price of a sports car is not defined.

BMW will build a track inside the pavilion at the Frankfurt Motor Show

BMW is going to surprise the audience at Frankfurt Motor Show. The company will build a small track racing just inside its pavilion. Visitors to the show, wishing to experience the i3 electric car in action, will be able to drive through this track.

The track length of 300 meters will be a three-tier and will be executed in the form of the symbol for infinity. That is, it will be possible to drive without stopping, until the charge is complete. In just 12 days of Show BMW i3 will have to to drive through track 9100 km, which is the distance from Frankfurt to San Francisco.

According to head of the Department of Brand Management BMW Steven Althaus, this year the company will concentrate its presence at the auto show around the eco-friendly development and electric cars.

Central premiere will be car of the family i: 100-percent electric car i3 and a rechargeable hybrid i8. It is noted that the track will be able to ride the press. And for the first time in the history of this opportunity will be available for usual visitors motor show.

And the ride will be not only on the electric BMW i3, but in general on any machine of concern, presented at the Auto Show. Even those that appear on the market only after a while. In addition, visitors will be able to ask any questions about the i-cars specially trained personnel.

As part of motor show BMW will present electric car i3, a hybrid sports car i8, the new coupe 4 Series, the new X5, conceptual Concept Active Tourer Outdoor, and its serial cars. Only three brands of concern - BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce - will occupy 10,000 square meters of space.

Aug 2, 2013

The new Audi Q7 will share a platform with the SUVs Bentley and Lamborghini

Now no longer embarrassed that the Porsche Cayenne shares a platform with the less prestigious Audi Q7 and "very cheap" VW Touareg. This allows the manufacturer to significantly save on development and production of vehicles. Soon contribute to the cost optimization will make brands Bentley and Lamborghini.

The new generation of Audi Q7, as well as future off-road car of the brand Bentley, will be built on one modular platform of concern Volkswagen. Platform MLB, designed for the development including a full-size SUV, it will allow the new Q7 lose more than 350 kilograms due to the extensive use of aluminum. In addition, it is known that Audi's flagship crossover line the first of the companions try on a new corporate identity - in part it has already demonstrated the concept Audi Crosslane Coupe (pictured). Novelty will debuting as early as next year.

However, it plans VW to use the platform is not restricted. In addition to the crossover Bentley, which will appear in 2016, the same base get a new VW Touareg, whose output is planned at about the same time. Thus, it seems logical that the new generation Porsche Cayenne will be built on the same principles, but it appears only in 2017. The entry of new crossovers will precede some facelift, updated Touareg and Cayenne manufacturers may have to present in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

In the end, the chain co-platform crossovers will close model, which promises to be the most aggressive. In 2017, Lamborghini intends to submit a sample of serial Urus, which, according to various reports, will get or twin-turbo V8, either naturally aspirated V10.

Nissan will show its new SUV on August 20

The Japanese company revives the name of the Terrano, a few years remain "abandoned". Name - but not the model: in the past was the name of a full frame SUV, and now - not having anything to do with it a crossover with a monocoque body.

Under the name Terrano from 1986 to 2006 produced three cars that were in the complex related to each other. But all were a very brutal frame SUVs and enjoyed a certain prestige among fans of off-road driving. Talk now is about using the old name for a completely new model.

The new generation of Terrano built on the platform of the crossover Renault Duster - the use of well-proven platform has allowed the Japanese to save a lot of money on developing novelty.

However, representatives of Nissan has already made ​​a reservation, that in this case is no talk about the "badge-engineering" that is selling the same model under different brand names. Nissan Terrano will have its own design of the body and its interior. And, according the manufacturer, crossover Nissan will be more prestigious and more expensive than its "cousin", sold under the brands Renault and Dacia. However, this does not prevent Terrano be the most affordable crossover of Nissan.

Premiere of novelty will be held in India, there a crossover will be released. Indian plant of concern Renault-Nissan produces cars not only for the domestic market, but also for Europe. Thus, it is likely that the opportunity to purchase Nissan Terrano will not remain the privilege of Asian motorists.

Citroen is preparing for the premiere "budget concept car"

Very soon two model lines of Citroen - C and DS - to be divorced by the manufacturer on different sides of the market. DS model will be the final premium and the line C will turn into something like a budget brand. Its firstborn Citroen will show in Frankfurt.

In Citroen, according to some sources does not plan to compete with the very very affordable brands like Dacia, but will try to maximize savings in the production of future new products. That is why the concept Citroen E3 Essential, which the company intends to display at the September motor show will not be similar to the concept of C-Cactus (pictured). Earlier it was planned that it is from the latter in the end, "grow" new hatchback, which was intended as an ideological successor of the famous "ugly duckling" 2CV - simple and cheap car, enjoy great popularity in post-war France.

It is expected that the design of the new concept will be more simple and concise in order to minimize the number of body panels. As stated by representatives of Citroen, the novelty will be built under the slogan "The simplicity, purity and elegance". Simple will be and power units. If C-Cactus was equipped with diesel-electric propulsion system, the serial hatchback based on the E3 Essential get motors that are already being produced by the French. Auto Express says that it is primarily about the 70-hp diesel HDi and petrol turbo 1,2 VTi, which develops 82 horsepower.

When exactly the serial version of E3 Essential will be available is not yet known. If to speak about the price, Auto Express sources claim that it will be comparable to the price of its main competitor - liftbek Skoda Rapid.

Motor power Porsche 911 reduced for environmental

In the Internet appeared the first image of the new version of the Porsche 911, which was called Blu Edition. According to rumors, Porsche wants to prove that the famous sports cars can be friendly to the environment: fuel consumption of novelty must not exceed 6.4 liters per 100 kilometers.

Media, spreading the picture Porsche 911 Blu Edition, can not say for sure that the image is genuine. Doubtful, in particular, the color scheme of sports car - a bright red folding roof (it weighs only 22 kg), aerodynamic elements of the same color and a blue body.

According to some sources this version of sports car will get a traditional 3.4-liter six-cylinder engine, but it is de-boost from 350 to 300 horsepower. Aggregated engine is planned with the robot PDK. In addition, the version Blu Edition will be different presence of a "start-stop", the possibility of deactivation of cylinders, active grille shutters that optimize aerodynamics and a new system of energy recovery. As a result, for the ability to accelerate to 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds sports car demostration fairly modest appetite - at 100 kilometers it will spend 2.5 liters less than the standard Porsche 911 Carrera. Volume emissions should reach 152 g CO2 per kilometer, while an ordinary 911 minimum rate is 194 g/km.

According to rumors, it is planned to release only 911 copies of the Blu Edition, and each will be priced a minimum of 74,600 euros. The novelty could debut in September at the Frankfurt Show.

Company from California has revealed its new supercar

Little-known American company Lucra published the first photos of the car, which should appear in public before the end of the year. Californians do not talk about the car, but some conclusions can already be done.

So far the only car in the lineup of the young company is a roadster LC470. It is designed in retro style two-seater roadster with a short "tail" and a long "nose". So long to under the hood could accommodate a V-8: company offers buyers of sports cars a choice of two engines General Motors up to 7 liters and power up to 505 hp and AMG power unit of 6.2 liters and output of 457 hp (this is completed, in particular, Mercedes-Benz C 63 ​​AMG).

The new car - known as 2.2 - has the same proportions as that already produces a model, but has a more modern design. Thus, we can assume that the Americans have developed a new set of body panels and structurally two models will twins.

Prices for a model LC470 start with 85,000 dollars. The novelty will surely be more expensive, as will be the flagship model of the series.