Sep 30, 2011

Honda published prices for the next generation Civic

As the company says, taking orders for the new Civic, presented to public at the Frankfurt Motor Show, has already begun. The first cars delivery will begin in January next year.

The basic version of the car - configuration SE - will be equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels, air conditioning and a USB-ports for connection to the mobile devices of owner. The cost of the initial version of the Civic - 16 495 pounds (or 26.4 thousand USD). For an additional 1.5 thousand pounds can buy a hatchback in the same configuration, but with a 1.8-liter gasoline engine capacity 142 hp. For fans of diesel engines available 2.2-liter 150-horsepower i-DTEC, with which the price increases to 20 095 pounds (32.1 thousand dollars).

The most expensive version of the model - EX GT - will cost between 24 495 pounds (39.2 thousand dollars) for the gasoline version and 26 595 pounds (42.5 thousand dollars) for a version with a diesel engine. In this version of car will access to salon without a key and engine start button, parking assist, bi-xenon headlights, glass panoramic sunroof, 17-inch alloy wheels.

In additioncompany intends to first time in the family Civic offer Adaptive Cruise Control and automatic emergency braking system , which is based on the testimony of the radar determines the moving and fixed obstacles at a distance of 100 m and at speeds of over 15 km/h . If there is risk of collision alarm is triggered, tightened seat belts and begin braking.

Citroen presented off-road version of the C4

Citroen released information about off-road version of its model C4. As the company says, the model C4 Aircross redefines the aesthetics of compact crossovers, combining impressive style and innovative technology. A similar combination, which should bring novelty to the equal footing with more popular representatives of the segment is a universality of off-road vehicle with handling and comfort of sedan. The company has taken care about ecological of cars also.

Exterior of novelty notes the latest trends in car design of the French brand. More angular and aggressive features are combined with the smooth body shape. Moreover, the model developers concerned not only about the external effect, but also the aerodynamics of cars. Feeling of safety creates a wide hood, massive arches and short front and rear overhangs.

In vertical ducts front bumper built fashionable now daytime running lights, without which it can not do hardly any the global novelty in automotive world. Big 18-inch alloy wheels and rear lights have been designed with an eye to the concept Hypnos. Wheels are not only an aesthetic role - it is designed to optimize air flow.

The company notes that C4 Aircross receive the latest generation of all-wheel transmission, which should provide optimal traction on the wheels in different road conditions. Technology allows you to distribute torque between front and rear axles. Total transmission allows switching between three modes: mono-drive, four-wheel drive with automatic distribution of the traction, four-wheel drive with fixed traction.

Citroen C4 Aircross get a choice of four variants engines in volume from 1.6 to 2 liters and the capacity from 115 to 150 hp. However, as the company notes, 2-liter gasoline engine power of 150 hp in Europe is not submitted. The engines are combined with a 5 - or 6-speed manual transmission. For the most powerful engine offered variator. The crossover has the compact size: length - 4.34 m, width - 1,8 m, height - 1.63 m.

In Europe the car will appear close to second half of next year.

BMW has prepared an anniversary model for Japanese

The BMW is celebrating another anniversary: exactly thirty years ago started selling 5-series sedan for Japanese market. On this occasion the Bavarians will release another special edition of the sedan, all 200 copies of which will be sold exclusively in Japan.

Sales of BMW 528i 30th Anniversary Edition in the country of the rising sun has already begun. For fans of the brand the Bavarians selected rather catchy equipment: a sedan is equipped with popular in Japan M-package, consisting of more aggressive bumpers, plates on the doorsteps and large wheels. In addition, exterior added chrome accents from the series BMW Individual. Anniversary sedan will be identify by a unique color of body Deep Sea Blue Metallic.

Interior of BMW 528i 30th Anniversary Edition covered with beige leather Veneto Dacota, equip plates of already mentioned series Individual, will decorate the logos "BMW Japan 30th Anniversary", and equip an expanded list of on-board electronics, including high-quality sound system and a large monitor.

All two hundred sedans will be built on the base version with a three-liter straight-six aspirated engine. The cost of the anniversary BMW 5-Series for the Japanese market officially at 7.89 million yen (just over 100 000 dollars).

Sep 29, 2011

In Britain, appearance of one more sports car

Rows of exclusive British sports cars were replenished: the company Ginetta, known by the model G40R, announced the release of second road coupe. It will get carbon-fiber body and 300 hp engine.

Company Ginetta, existing in the UK market for more than half a century, is known first and foremost not by road vehicles, and its work in motorsports: its engineers are involved in the construction of race cars for touring racing GT4 and monocup Ginetta GT Cup (the competition is now held under the patronage of the tire concern Michelin). But miss the opportunity to send their cars on public roads British do not want.

It is known that the Ginetta preparing to release a model is more extreme than G40R - with a more powerful engine (3.7 liters and 310 hp versus 2 liters and 175 hp), but built on the same ideology. In particular, for weight loss, it also receives carbon-fiber body. With this sports car will accelerate to 100 km/h in about 4 seconds, and the estimated top speed of 294 km/h.

What weight will have a novelty not yet reported (Ginetta G40R weighs only 795 kg). According to some reports, announced by the company Ginetta sports car is adapted for public roads version of the race car G50.

The Porsche had planned next supercar

By 2015, Porsche is going to fill up the model range another supercar. It is planned that it will be cheaper than the hybrid 918, but faster and more expensive than most top-end 911. Obviously, the Porsche decided to stiffer competition with the Ferrari.

To build the new supercar will be used entirely new platform with mid-engine - its development is now being by engineers of concern Volkswagen. Moreover, there are rumors that this platform will not only be used to build sports cars of other brands of concern, but eventually replace rear-engine platform of coupe 911. Release of the next generation 911, by the way, is planned for 2018.

Porsche 960 (as preliminary data will be named novelty) may get the engine develops 600 horsepower. Most likely, this is a six-cylinder opposed 3.8-liter engine equipped with twin turbo.

As it became known Porsche has no plans to unify the 960 and hybrid 918 Spyder. No information about how much common will be between the new supercar and other mid-engine models of the concern, in particular, Lamborghini Gallardo and Audi R8. However, it is reported that 960 appears in two body styles - coupe and roadster, and main competitor of novelty will be Ferrari 458 Italia. Porsche 960 will cost more than $ 300 000.

Bentley Mulsanne get a diesel engine and an elongated body

British manufacturer of "royal" cars Bentley plans to expand line its flagship - model Mulsanne. In the near future the company intends to offer elongated version of the car as well as a diesel engine.

Bentley also intends to engage an extension of the family of Continental. "We can make more various Continental than the line of what we have today. Personally, I see development in the style of the Porsche 911: light-weight models, special models. This successful strategy today", - said the head of the brand, Wolfgang Dyurhaymer.

"As for the Mulsanne, we constantly get requests for an extended model, for example. The only question is whether we will make it for special order or put on the conveyor. Now we evaluate these prospects. But I have no doubt that we can sell this option for China and the U.S.", - added Dyurhaymer.

Bentley also considering options for production of the model Mulsanne in convertible and coupe body. These cars will compete with Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe and Phantom Coupe.

As for the possibility of producing diesel variant of Mulsanne, then, according to Dyurhaymer, diesel, as well as hybrid power plant, is a priority for Bentley. Dyurhaymer came to Bentley from Porsche, where he successfully launched the first crossover of the German brand and introduced in model range hybrid and diesel models. It seems that the same top manager intends to do with British brand.

Mercedes-Benz CLC will show in the spring in New York

The new "four-door coupe" from Stuttgart will be the least expensive front-drive model of the premium brand Mercedes-Benz. Prototypes of the sedan CLC already tested in different conditions, and debut planned at New York Motor Show to be held in April next year.

Novelty borrow some of the features of a larger sedan CLS. Presentation of the new "coupe" mark the beginning of input Mercedes-Benz brand in more massive, but still the premium segment, which is slightly lower than the current C-class of brand.

Company representatives have hastened to declare that the new CLC will not have reduced the quality or comfort. "It will be a real Mercedes-Benz", - said one of the representatives of the brand.

In addition to the CLC company to unconfirmed reports, intends to present a new compact crossover, which debut will be held later presentation of "coupe". Novelty can get name GLC. It is expected that both models will be built on the new front-drive platform Modular Front Architecture (MFA). It also formed the basis for a new generation B-Class, which was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

As previously reported, Mercedes-Benz CLC will receive a wide range of new petrol and diesel engines with direct injection and four-wheel drive as an option. "Four-door coupe" will go on sale in 2013, and North American buyers will see it first. Touring on the same platform gets to the dealers next year.

Sep 28, 2011

The new Ford Mondeo will be like the concept Evos

The new generation Ford Mondeo promises to be the most emotional. According to preliminary data, the sedan will be largely similar to the concept Evos, presented at the Frankfurt motor show.

Published the first images of new generation of Ford Mondeo. Judging by it, the appearance of the sedan will undergo significant changes. The images are based on information provided by insiders and spy photos of car, which already runs a road test.

The new Mondeo will borrow from Evos not only design but also the power plant. It is true that a 2-liter gasoline engine combined with an electric motor, will be available shortly after launch. Initially the company will offer more familiar 1.6-liter and 2-liter EcoBoost petrol engines ranging from 150 to 200 hp. There will also be available diesel engines of similar volume ranging from 112 to 163 hp.

Due to the fuel economy technologies that are already available in the latest version of the Focus (such as system "start-stop" system of brake energy regeneration and "active" aerodynamics, when the radiator grille "closes" at high speed), Mondeo may be one of most economical car in the class. Under the new shell will be modernized front-drive chassis.

The debut of novelty planned for Geneva Motor Show to be held in March next year. On sale the car will appear in the summer after the premiere.

Toyota is preparing a super-efficient hybrid Aqua

Toyota plans to release the cheapest hybrid car. Novelty, which should hit the market in early 2012, already named Aqua.

The Japanese have already stated that their novelty will be the most economical hybrid not only in a line of brand, but also throughout the world. Reportedly, Toyota Aqua can pass 40 kilometers on 1 liter of petrol! The price of the car, too, will delight customers, it will cost less than the world's favorite Toyota Prius, - only 22 000 dollars. Known worldwide Prius costs about 4000 dollars more.

Release of the new model planned for January next year. According to preliminary data, the novelty will get engine an intermediate type (between gasoline and electric), which will enable it to become the most popular hybrid.

Skoda showed runabout based on the VW up!

Skoda has released its version of budget runabout. City-car named Skoda Citigo will appear on the Czech market by the end of this year. European debut will take place in early summer next year. Skoda discovers the access to the a new segment. Before that the company had no subcompact models in its range.

The car is very similar to its donor - a city-car Volkswagen up!, World premiered at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show. But at the same time, designers have tried to give the car a brand features that let you define the brand identity at first glance.

Citigo has very compact size: 3.54 m long, 1.65 m wide and 1.48 m in height, wheelbase - 2,42 m. So, according to the manufacturer, the car is perfect for the city.

Despite its small size, the car can accommodate four persons, luggage compartment volume of 251 l, with the rear seats folded is increased to 951 liters. In the three-door version of the city-car has a system of easy access to the rear row of seats - front seats move forward and fold.

Skoda Citigo has several innovative systems. In particular, a system of "City Safe Drive", which helps to emergency brake in the risk of collision. The system is activated automatically at speeds above 30 km/h and carefully monitors the traffic situation with multiple laser sensors.

For new compact manufacturer offers a choice of two 3-cylinder 1-liter engines capacity of 60 and 75 hp. These engines in combination with 5-speed manual transmission was designed for optimal fuel economy. Fuel consumption is about 3.6 liters per 100 kilometers. Prices of Skoda Citigo has not been announced.

Serial Bugatti Galibier gets a new design

The world debut of Galibier was held back in 2009 and at that time was only an idea, as well as an attempt to ascertain the views of potential buyers about such unusual for this brand body. Customers Bugatti, who are willing to spend 1-1.5 million dollars for the car, already accustomed to a low sports car and "plump" four-door body require approval.

A couple of years later, concern Volkswagen, which owns brand, decided to release a small series of Galibier. Now it is necessary prepare a new product for serial production. According to the latest data development of the production version should start before the end of this year. But if the car still comes to the pipeline, it will be significantly different from its prototype model in 2009.

As stated the head of the brand, Wolfgang Dyurhaymer, Galibier is now "in the second phase of the design," adding that he hopes to present the final version of the board of directors before Christmas.

"I guess we will continue to develop, but make some significant changes to the original draft. Designed to be different, especially the part of the B-pillar to the tail, access to the rear seats will be improved, as well as space for passengers and ergonomics. The car will be slightly longer and the engine power will be expressed at least four digits," - said Dyurhaymer.

The changes, which the company intends to make the exterior of the Galibier, were triggered reviews of potential customers. "Half of the Veyron owners already been to car. We still retain recognizable features of the original concept, but now it will be a design for which I am 100% able to answer," - said the head of the brand. Should be reminded during the development of the concept Dyurhaymer not yet held that position.

If in the process of preparation Galibier for serial production will not have new obstacles, the car can enter the market in 2013. The preliminary price for the car - a $ 2.5 million.

A year later, Nissan GT-R will become even more powerful

The famous supercar Nissan GT-R has already experienced one update - last year, engine capacity increased from 485 to 530 horsepower. Now, if believe the information club portal, Nissan in a special event for the European press, which took place at the Nurburgring, announced the next innovation.

According to available information, engine of Nissan GT-R 2013 model year will be equipped with upgraded air intake and exhaust systems, as well as a new control unit. This will raise the engine power from 530 to 570 horsepower and reduce emissions. There are also other associated changes. In particular, it refers to other suspension, the new control program for the transmission, as well as upgraded aerodynamics of the bottom.

It is also reported that these changes will not affect the appearance of Nissan GT-R, but their impact on the price yet unknown.

Caterham creates new brand for affordable sports cars

British exclusive sports car manufacturer Caterham has announced creation of a new brand, which was named Caterham Technology & Innovation (CTI). Under this brand will be an entirely new line of lightweight and affordable sports cars.

CTI will specialize in prospective development and engineering, said in a statement Caterham. One result of this specialization will be appearance under the brand CTI line of new sports models that fully implemented the minimalist ideology of the legendary Lotus Seven. This sports car has found a second life under the brand Caterham. One of the main conditions is the availability of future novelties.

Caterham has announced that the company managed to attract the activities within the project CTI world stars and respected people from the industry of niche sports cars. In developing a new model line promises to use technology, tried and tested in collaboration with teams of "Formula 1" and during the work in the championship GT2. Also stated that the potential and specialization of the company allow it to develop in surrounding areas such as aerospace.

The new Ferrari 458 Spider will cost in Europe 226 800 euros

Ferrari has announced prices for its new model, which made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show - 458 Spider. The starting price tag for a mid-engine roadster with hard top - 226 800 euros.

For the same amount Ferrari 458 Spider will be available in Europe. Novelty sales will begin next month. In the U.S., Italian roadster will appear only at the beginning of next year and will cost from 257 000 dollars (178 113 euros). Compared with the coupe 458 Italia, the roadster will cost around 15% more expensive.

According to the statistic of the company, consumers Ferrari are spending another 15-20% of the cost of the car to customize their purchase of program Carrozzeria Scaglietti. In a separate list of options can be found carbon seats for 5760 euros or a rearview camera for 2640 euros.

Ferrari 458 Spider has the same 570-hp 4,5-liter naturally aspirated V8 and 7-speed robotic gearbox with two clutches, as the model 458 Italia. Incidentally, this engine was the winner in one of the nominations of the prestigious contest "Engine of the Year 2011". The maximum speed of 458 Italia Spider over 320 km/h and up to 100 km/h it accelerates less than 3.4 seconds. Thus, the integration of a folding hard roof is practically no effect on the dynamic performance of a supercar.

Sep 27, 2011

Nissan has officially confirmed the creation of "Super Juke"

Information that Nissan Europe is preparing to release "charged" versions of the crossover Nissan Juke, received official confirmation. Carscoop today published an official statement of the representative Nissan Europe Gabi Whitfield made via email. It says that such a project exists, but now Whitfield can not share any technical details. Additional information will be declassified next week.

While it is known that the Super Juke (project takes its name until) will get a 480-hp engine. Apparently, this is a six-cylinder 3.8-liter engine from the Nissan GT-R, which develops 530 hp - for integrating under the hood of a compact crossover engine seems to be deforcing. The crossover will accelerate to 100 km/h in about 4 seconds.

In the Internet has appeared a sketch of future novelties. On it is seen that Juke with the new engine will get bodikit, big wheels in the style of GT-R, the hood with ventilation slots and a large rear wing.

Clearly, later Nissan has announced will the Super Juke one-off project or will get some kind of mass incarnation.

Audi reveals information about the new crossovers

It has long been rumored that Audi intends to expand its model line off-road vehicles. In particular, talking about appearance sports competitors BMW - Audi Q6 and Q4. Recently, new details.

Firstly, the sports crossover Q6 will be built on platform of updated Q5 and will be born in 2013. Motor range goes by inheritance from the donor platform, so that nothing special under the hood of Q6 is not expected, but one of the new engine - 4-cylinder diesel engine with 143 hp and 177 hp. May appear in the list of complete sets of 3-liter turbodiesel V6 TDI, which develops 300 hp power and 650 Nm of torque.

Secondly, more compact Q4 will build on the platform of the second generation of Q5. The crossover will be available only in three-door body. According to some reports, the appearance of model in the market is expected only in 2016. For Q4 will be provided a hybrid power plant - 2-liter TFSI, electric motor power from 54 to 82 hp and lithium-ion batteries, a charge which will last for 50 km.

And finally, a new generation of the largest representative brands - crossover Q7 - planned for 2014. The car will receive a new platform that will save 350 kg of weight. For maximum fuel efficiency SUV will get smaller engines, in particular, 2-liter TFSI capacity of 220 hp and with a torque of 350 Nm. Expected to appear hybrid version that can be recharged from a household outlet. It will be powered by a turbocharged 3-liter V6 and a 82-horsepower electric motor.

Opel Junior went on a road test

Compact hatchback Opel Junior caught the eye of photo-spies during road tests. Despite the fact that the prototype looks ready for production, it is known that the novelty will be available only in 2013.

Opel Junior, according to some reports - it's only pre-production name. This was the name of concept in 1983, and during the launch conveyor a novelty may be rename. But its target audience is unlikely to change: a hatchback must compete with the Mini and the Fiat 500.

With a length of 3.7 meter hatchback receive only three-door body. In addition, the example of other brands such as Fiat and Peugeot, the manufacturer will offer a wide range of options for customization, brand labels and decorative panels for interior Junior.

Novelty will be equipped specially developed diesel and gasoline three-cylinder efficient engines. But, according to some reports, is now considered the possibility of developing two versions of the layout engine compartment, one of which involves placing more volume power units. In addition, there are rumors about the electrical modifications that may appear in 2015.

Kia is preparing a replacement for the model C'eed

The next year, Kia plans to release a new car, choose a successor to the most popular model the brand in Europe - Kia C'eed.

The Koreans have not yet spread any information about the technical characteristics of novelty, as there is no data about the appearance of future models. Previously known only that some features of the exterior successor Kia C'eed will inherit from concept Kia GT, which was first shown to the public last week in Frankfurt.

Said then head of Kia Europe Paul Philpott, the car will be positioned as more sport. Hyundai-Kia plant in the Slovakian Zilina will build novelty, there are built Kia Cee'd, Sportage and Venga.

To do this, the company will put the third shift and hire about a thousand additional employees. It is also reported that investment in the project, including the production of automotive components, will be around one billion euros.

Sep 24, 2011

Crossover Dodge Durango can get SRT version

The line of the "charged" models of concern Chrysler, sold under the sub-brand SRT, can be extended an unexpected novelty. According to rumors, in the depths of concern discussed the prospect of building high-speed modification of seven-seat crossover Dodge Durango.

Officially, the Chrysler is not say about the preparation of Durango SRT. The fact is that not so long ago, concern already introduced high-speed off-road Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, and Durango shares with it a platform. However, if the project will be given the green light, Durango and the "charged" the stuffing will get from the same source.

These are primarily about the eight-cylinder engine Hemi volume of 6.4 liters, which is on the Grand Cherokee SRT8 is developing 470 horsepower. In addition, the crossover can be equipped with more rigid suspension and powerful brakes. Naturally, this will affect the price, and this is another factor that keeps the management concern of a positive decision.

The most powerful of the current modifications of the Dodge Durango - 370-hp R/T version selected only 7% of the buyers of crossover. Thus, the Chrysler fear that the more expensive SRT8 version can not only bring profits, but not recover development costs.

If the management of concern still dare to take such a step, Dodge Durango SRT8 will hit the market no earlier than 2013.

Mitsubishi will receive the new flagship of Infiniti

The flagship of the automobile line of Mitsubishi, sedan Diamante, was discontinued in 2004. Next summer it place can take until the unnamed novelty.

Under the brand Mitsubishi on Japanese domestic market will be sold slightly changed sedan Infiniti M, and "change" may be limited to other logos hanging. The Japanese have not yet reported how it will be called a novelty, but the foreign market is particularly worrying should not: according to preliminary data, the delivery Infiniti M under the Mitsubishi brand outside of Japan is not planned. It is not known yet and how the badge-engineering will affect the price of a sedan.

The company has caught at its disposal a new flagship in the framework of agreements on exchange of models that exist between companies Mitsubishi and Nissan. Under the same agreement, Nissan will soon be able to sell under its own brand of compact electric minivan Mitsubishi Minicab MiEV.

Earlier concern Nissan has already gave permission to "three diamonds" sold to the Japanese market its own commercial van NV200 Vanette.

Volkswagen Phaeton updated in 2015

In Volkswagen pondered upgrading of its flagship sedan Phaeton. Volkswagen has already developed a "Concept D", which prefigures of the future Phaeton. Moreover, the Germans really going to show it at the last Frankfurt Motor Show, but decided to postpone the premiere at a later date, concentrating on the premiere of the family Up!

For the construction of a new Phaeton will use a new modular platform, developed in conjunction with engineers Audi. It is not excluded and the creation of entirely aluminum body. Sedan gets a new family of economical four-cylinder engines, both petrol and diesel V6, and hybrid power plant.

It is reported that in 2015 flagship sedan will change the image, having lost the status of a classmate Audi A8. Phaeton takes the price gap between the models of Audi A8 and A6, based on increased sales.

However, in the VW can decide on the kind of provocation. According to rumors, now discussed the possibility of issuing Phaeton in the bodies "four-door coupe" and "wagon".

Honda issued a new photograph of the concept CR-V

Honda has finally declassified a conceptual prototype of a future crossover CR-V. Its first public exhibition was held at the Orange County International Auto Show in California. Promised that the serial CR-V is not much different from the prototype.

In Internet already emerged images looks the production model, which Honda has prepared for the Patent Office. As it can be concluded that the prototype is very similar to the serial copy, except for minor details of the exterior. Premiere of CR-V will be held at the Los Angeles Auto Show and on sale in the U.S. market crossover will go to the end of this year.

The developers claim that despite the apparent similarity of the exterior of the new generation with the previous crossover will get a completely new interior, more fuel-efficient engines and lightweight body. According to John Mendel, vice president of the American branch of Honda, the new CR-V promises even more sophisticated style, innovation, dynamics and efficiency. Earlier it was reported that for CR-V Japanese had prepared a new 2.5-liter atmospheric engine with i-VTEC, which develops about 200 hp.

Version for home market of Japan Honda intends to show at the Tokyo Motor Show, which will be held in December. In Europe, the novelty will be no earlier than next autumn.

Sep 23, 2011

The Americans are building "gas" supercar for a million dollars

Fashion to create piece of supercars, using alternative fuels, increasingly captures the minds of engineers. Another little-known company, this time from the U.S., has announced plans to produce a supercar worth a million dollars, which will run on gas.

The idea to build a "gas" supercar came up with management of the company Maxximus, which is engaged in small-scale production of special cars. In order not to become "another manufacturer another sports car", the company decided to use as fuel for his car, liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The company has loudly declared that the novelty will be better than other supercars in the world. His creation Maxximus decided to call the Prodigy, which means "miracle".

Maxximus before the creation of the car provides some characteristics that are hoping to get a result. So, up to 100 km/h the car will accelerate to 2.1 seconds and to 160 km/h - 4.5 seconds. It's faster than most sports cars in the world. Similar results can only show the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport and the McLaren F1. But Lamborghini Aventador "loses" Prodigy 0,8 seconds. Unless, of course, the latter did not develop enough speed for such a time.

The maximum speed Prodigy will be 300 miles per hour (482 km/h). The estimated capacity of power plant - about 1600 hp. These figures belong to the first supercar company - G-Force, based on the Ultima GTR 720. Supercar debut in 2009 and was declared as the fastest road car. The car is equipped with a 7-liter V8 Chevy power 1600 hp.

Gordon Murray continues to build electric cars

The legendary British designer Gordon Murray has declassified his new electrocar. At this time we are talking about a sports roadster weighs just 850 kg.

The prototype was named Teewave AR1. In the creation of carbon bodywork helped engineers from Toray Industries, known for his work with carbon fiber. From this material are not only the body panels, but its power structure that allowed to make a roadster light enough. Of the 850 kg total weight, 240 kg falls on batteries.

Powerplant borrowed from the compact-car Mitsubishi iMiEV, but, according to Gordon Murray, the company developed its "own electrical architecture and unique control unit." Thus, the 63-hp electric motor propels the prototype to 100 km/h in 11.4 seconds. However, designers prefer to mention the more relevant figure for urban mode - to accelerate to 50 km/h, which takes 4.4 seconds. Full charge 16-kilowatt battery takes 6 hours, one charge enough to overcome the 180 kilometers.

Serial prospects of roadster looks pretty vague, but Murray claims that any technology implemented in the prototype can be used in real life, including the construction of carbon-fiber monocoque.

Subaru will show a concept BRZ at the Los Angeles Motor Show

Within the joint project of rear-wheel drive coupe concern Toyota has already pointed out three concept-cars, while Subaru showed only the technological developments. The situation must be corrected in mid-November.

A full concept car Subaru BRZ will be demonstrated at the Los Angeles Motor Show. However, it is unlikely to be the inverse image of stock car: according to some information between companies Toyota and Subaru have agreed not to show the serial sample before the final premiere of Toyota FT-86 at the motor show in Tokyo, which will be held in December.

It is also reported that, according to unconfirmed reports, the serial version will receive two-liter atmospheric engine, which is due to the system of direct injection will develop about 200 horsepower. It is known that the engine block is designed Subaru, and the injection system developed engineers of Toyota. For rear-wheel drive coupe will offer two six-speed gearbox - "automatic" and "mechanics". Robotized gearbox or variator is not planned.

It is expected that the serial Subaru BRZ will differ from the Toyota FT-86 only a few nuances of the exterior, while the FT-86 will be almost an exact copy of the North American versions: in the U.S. market coupe goes on sale as Scion FR-S.

GM is preparing three new models, including mid-size pickup

General Motors has announced intentions to launch production of a new midsize pickup. In addition, conveyor of the plant Saturn, stopped in 2009 with the liquidation of the brand, again will work: GM to store for him two more new models.

Of the previous declarations and demonstrations of concern can be concluded that in the case of the pickup was a new-generation Chevrolet Colorado.

Concept Chevrolet Colorado is shown in Australia and Southeast Asia, and Latin America - GM expects that it is in these markets pickup will find their core customers. Production Colorado for these countries (except the "Green continent") will be located in Thailand.

As for the two unnamed until new products, as reported in the GM, it is a mid-size cars for which it concern intends to revive an idle with the 2009 conveyor of Saturn brand in Spring Hill in Tennessee.