Aug 12, 2011

Bentley SUV gets 12-cylinder diesel engine from Audi

Bentley active works on developing an SUV. The British may well take their SUV on the market already in 2014.

New development plan to position the level is higher than, say, Range Rover - the composition of the target audience next SUV will be an overlap with the expected about the same time, Aston Martin Lagonda. Developing new SUV, reportedly will receive a full corporate design as the exterior and the interior, but debate about platform for novelty has not yet been completed.

Most likely, the Bentley SUV will be built using a modular platform MLB of concern Volkswagen - the same recipe will be realized in the next generation of Audi Q7. Interestingly, the base for an SUV will be a diesel engine: the Bentley believes that 1000 Nm 12-cylinder turbodiesel will be quite appropriate for a luxury model. The second engine will be the 12-cylinder gasoline engine - with this engine SUV will be delivered to those markets where diesel engines are not very popular.

It is, however, mention that the "green light" from the leadership of the Volkswagen Group to create an SUV Bentley not yet been received.