Aug 12, 2011

Mercedes-Benz CLC Shooting Break will appear in 2014

Mercedes-Benz decided to give "green light" for the project CLC Shooting Break. The compact sedan will make the company the older model CLS Shooting Break, which is expected as early as next year.

The model with the original body will be built on front-wheel drive platform compact "four-door coupe" CLC, which is currently known under the designation of MFA (Mercedes Front Wheel Drive Architecture). In the list of future novelty main competitors appear Audi A5 Sportback and now being developed BMW 3-Series GT.

It is assumed that the CLC Shooting Break gets a five-door body with a strongly sloping rear, resembling a cross between a hatchback and station wagon. Most likely, it will strongly resemble the prototype CLS Shooting Break, shown at a motor show in Beijing.

Station wagon will receive a wide range of new gasoline and diesel engines with direct injection and four-wheel drive as an option. "Four-door coupe" CLC goes on sale in 2013, and North American buyers will see it first. Station wagon on the same platform gets to the dealers next year.

BMW M3 2014 is being tested on roads

Photo spies tracked camouflaged sedan during road tests. Thanks to the original test "livery" to form an impression about the future shape of the M3 can not - are clearly seen only black 19-inch alloy wheels, extended body and the hood without the traditional "hump". What exactly will be hidden under it, too, is not known yet.

Earlier it was reported that the current generation M3 will be the last, which used atmospheric engine: in 2014 sedan and coupe will be equipped with six-cylinder inline turbo. However, lot of disputes about the number of turbines that can use the Bavarians. If the recent BMW are actively exploiting the twin-turbo-technology for the sake of M3 they may increase the number of turbines to three.

It was reported that in this case, the two turbines will classic drive from the exhaust gases, while the third will be driven by an electric motor. According to some reports, the Bavarians can be used this approach for improve fuel economy. Regardless of used technologies BMW M3 in 2014 will have at its disposal about 450 horsepower.

Bentley SUV gets 12-cylinder diesel engine from Audi

Bentley active works on developing an SUV. The British may well take their SUV on the market already in 2014.

New development plan to position the level is higher than, say, Range Rover - the composition of the target audience next SUV will be an overlap with the expected about the same time, Aston Martin Lagonda. Developing new SUV, reportedly will receive a full corporate design as the exterior and the interior, but debate about platform for novelty has not yet been completed.

Most likely, the Bentley SUV will be built using a modular platform MLB of concern Volkswagen - the same recipe will be realized in the next generation of Audi Q7. Interestingly, the base for an SUV will be a diesel engine: the Bentley believes that 1000 Nm 12-cylinder turbodiesel will be quite appropriate for a luxury model. The second engine will be the 12-cylinder gasoline engine - with this engine SUV will be delivered to those markets where diesel engines are not very popular.

It is, however, mention that the "green light" from the leadership of the Volkswagen Group to create an SUV Bentley not yet been received.

GM plans to make Opel competitor for Volkswagen

Concern General Motors review plans for their European division Opel. Last year the GM intended to sell the brand, now plans to raise the bar and make it a worthy competitor for Volkswagen. This statement was made by management.

During the presentation, several top managers of General Motors stated that the concern should be to create a more precise identification of all the brands belonging to GM.

"Opel, thanks to its heritage and belonging to the German car industry will be very affordable purchase for consumers looking for a car in the same Germany. It will give us the opportunity to compete with Volkswagen on his own field" - said the representative of GM.

Electrocar Toyota set a new record of Nurburgring

Concern Toyota intends to demonstrate that the electric sports cars are also able to arouse emotions. For this on August 29 the Japanese are going to break the record for the passage of the Nurburgring on the electric vehicle.

Toyota Motorsport does not officially announced what electric car will be involved in setting the record. Mentioned only a unique specially designed transmission and a number of exclusive technologies to sports car to accelerate to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds and reach speed of 260 km/h. Is also known that an electric car based on some kind of a double model. Perhaps this is one of the prototypes, developed earlier of Toyota Motorsport for other customers, for example, Alpha-1-SRF.

The current record of Nordschleife for electric cars is 9 minutes and 1.33 seconds - it was installed electric roadster Peugeot EX1. Toyota officially announced that the Japanese prototype during tests already showed more impressive results, and there were only fix.

In addition, the leaders of Toyota Motorsport said that this record will not only help in the demonstration unit in the field of electrical technology, but also demonstrate that the electric sports car capable of anything not to give up their gasoline brothers.