May 17, 2011

Road test Toyota FT-86

The prototype sports car Toyota FT-86 is seen on road tests. Judging by the fact that the body coupe was covered with dense multiple layers of camouflage, the testing was sent a copy of the final version of design. However, during the premiere of concept Toyota FT-86 II in Geneva, the Japanese claimed that it is 95% shows that at the output from the conveyor. The premiere production series planned for Frankfurt Motor Show.

Today we know that the coupe, which came into the world as the fruit of cooperation between the two Japanese manufacturers Toyota and Subaru, will receive a two-liter boxer engine with direct injection capacity about 200 horsepower. However, rumors of a more powerful version, and one of them, according to some, will produce Subaru. Its modification coupe gets slightly modified design and turbo capacity about 260 horsepower, but will not be equipped with all-wheel drive.

Toyota is making every effort to weight coupe did not exceed 1200 kg. Then the FT-86, equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox, can accelerate to 100 km/h in about 7 seconds. To what extent this is true, it will become clear in the autumn, when the series will premiere instance. In the sale of Toyota FT-86 will go next year.